Construction Work Team Opportunities

Will you be part of a team?  We are always building - this is only 1 of 7 buildings in the vision - why don't you come and help? 


Organize and/or be a Member of a Construction Work Team


What does it cost to send a team?

Bringing a work team is not a very complicated matter.  Raising the necessary funds is what takes the most effort and time.  In most cases, it takes 4 to 6 months to organize the funds.  Here follows a per person financial breakdown of costs less your round trip airfare.



                     Room & Board                   7 days @ $40 =     $280.00 USD

                    Transportation in Jamaica                               $150.00 USD

                    Building Fund Donation      7 days @ $150 =$1,050.00 USD

                    Total per person                                            $1,480.00 USD



These funds would need to reach our stateside office one month before team arrival.  Please Contact Us 


Room & Board Funds

These funds will provide comfortable accommodations and 3 nutritious home-cooked meals each day, plus some great extras.


Transportation Funds

These funds will provide a good vehicle and driver for your stay.


Building Fund Donation

These funds will insure that we are able to purchase the supplies you will need to have a good trip, feeling like you have accomplished a task and reached your goal of being a blessing to NBITC.