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1st Quarter 2014 UPDATES



I was sitting at an 8’ round table at a conference in October 2013. I only knew one person at that table, another missionary from the D.R… He was at my right, and a brother who I had never met before was on my left. We greeted each other, and I still don’t remember his name. A few minutes later he spoke to me by the Spirit of the Lord. He briefly and quickly said to me that 2014 was going to be my best year financially. So I believe and declare that this will be my/our best year financially. All our needs will be met and all our bills will be paid, and that with which we need to develop and expand will be provided, in Jesus’ Name.

I also declare that as a ministry we will be able to give to every GOOD WORK that is revealed to us by the Lord.

Let’s declare “production, provision & prosperity” for 2014


The after school reading classes start back on January 13th. All ten children have re-registered for another term. The feedback from mothers has been very encouraging… they see “dramatic improvement”. God is good! We have

also been blessed with some great book donations (approx. 50) to the library. The students really enjoy taking books home, and have begun to share with both their younger siblings at home and with fellow students at school.


I was meditating on II Chronicles 20: 15, 17 this morning. God was speaking to King Jehoshaphat in the face of strong enemies: “Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s…. You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you.”

Today we face some huge threats from the enemy – corrupt and deceptive politicians; flailing governments, economic instability, rampant immorality beyond what we imagined would, or could, ever become a norm; increasing terroristic events that shock us with the face of pure evil ; and the redefinition and reversal of good and evil. I don’t know about you, but I think this looks like a “great multitude” to me. I take heart, and so should you, from God’s encouragement to Jehoshaphat. This battle is not ours, and there are three things strategic to our victory. First of all, know that the

Lord is with us!! We do not face these challenges alone. Look for Him; the King is here!! Secondly, we need to make sure we are in right position.

God’s instruction cannot be more clear – position yourselves. We cannot expect to overcome in these last days if we are out of position. God has the plan; He has the strategy; He has the purpose. Be in right relationship with Him, listen for His voice, and get in the place He is directing you! Then thirdly, stay in that place and stand still. There is no need to strive. A friend of mine recently encouraged believers to pray more and rest more, and, if we did, we would produce more. As we begin 2014, seek God, and POSITION YOURSELVES! The salvation of the Lord is certain.


New Beginnings is excited to announce a new outreach this summer. In addition to the July summer school program, we will also be hosting a first grade readiness course the middle two weeks of August. The basic school graduates, approximately 20-25 five and six year olds, take their assessments for first grade the final week of August. Many of these children are either unprepared for, or in need of refreshing of, beginning first grade standards. Both principals of the two schools we sponsor, as well as the first grade teacher and guidance counselor of the local primary school, are very supportive of this idea. Please pray for us as we plan and seek volunteers and resources for this special time with the little ones.


We are very happy to report Demoy has been accepted into the hospitality program at the HEART/TRUST Kenilworth Academy. He will be taking level 2 certification in the year long program and will graduate December 29, 2014 ready to serve in the tourist industry. It will cost $45 a week for transportation to and from school. If you would like to invest in the future of this young man’s life, please make a donation toward this.


You can help us with a donation, either at our web site or by mailing your donation to our stateside address above. Either way you will get a tax- deductible receipt. If in Jamaica, just give us a call for pick up, 876-361- 3822 or 876-875-4381

Respect & Love to you,

Bob, Mary, Staff & Students

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