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1st Quarter 2015 UPDATES




Have you ever thought about the mission field? Do you feel God’s calling on your life? Do you feel called to minister to children? Then we have a place and opportunity for you. Our vision for a Christ centered educational center that will provide instruction, training, healing, and empowerment to Jamaican youth has a place for you. Please contact us via our email address jamrevbob@aol.com or give us a call at the stateside address above, it rings in Jamaica. We would be glad to give you some details.


I am focused on the annual transition - stepping away from the past 12 months and crossing the threshold into the New Year. Most of us take time to reflect back on 2014, reviewing how God has manifested Himself in both the good times and in the most challenging moments. We laugh; we cry; we recall in amazement; or we wonder why. Whatever the balance of our assessment, the constant thread, colored in strength and hope, has been the faithfulness of God anchoring us with His grip of grace. My heart swells with gratitude…. For Him and for you, our faithful supporters, causing us to triumph.

Jeremiah 29:13 says “you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." I have been meditating on this verse a lot in the last couple weeks. My son received a remote control helicopter for Christmas. It was his heart’s desire, and he was super-excited. Unfortunately, early Christmas morning on its first flight, it dropped out of the sky into dense tropical bush next to our house. Both sons spent almost 5 hours, cutlasses in hand, searching. The next day 8 neighborhood youth came to help in the search. The following day another came to help. It seemed an overwhelming task to locate the downed helicopter, and the search was called off. He would not have the joy of flying his valued prize. But what does it mean to search with all our hearts? It means we become so desperate for the thing we are looking for that we do not stop until we find it. That is how I want to enter 2015 – seeking God for His priorities, for His will and purposes; seeking to know Him better than I ever have before- and doing so with all my heart. Not giving up until I have found Him.


After School reading sessions start back on January 6th for the second term. All eight students from the first term will be continuing until April. In addition, a Saturday morning literacy

test preparation class will begin January 10 for registered fourth graders who must sit for assessments in the spring. Passing this test is absolutely essential to their future opportunity in education, and we want to do all that is within our means to help them achieve

their goals. Of course, all of these classes present invaluable opportunities to plant the Word, pray with them, and impart godly instruction in an atmosphere of love.


You can help us with a donation, either at our web site or by mailing your donation to our stateside address.


PO Box 9176

Newark, DE 19714

Either way you will get a tax-deductible receipt.

If in Jamaica, just give us a call for pick up, 876-361-3822 or 876-875-4381

Respect & Love to you,

Bob, Mary, Staff & Students