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2nd Quarter 2014 UPDATES



We are so proud of our son, Brice. He is excelling in his goals. On May 1st we will be attending his second graduation at the Culinary Institute of America. He will be receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Science. His senior research thesis was chosen for him to present to the American Chemist Society’s

Symposium on April 25 in New York.

We look forward to his next step in life, and are excited to see where God takes him.


It was very encouraging when “O’s” second grade teacher reported a positive change recently to his mother. “O” had been labeled

“slowchi” since he started basic school. His first grade teacher told his mother she could not wait for him to leave her class. Those are hard words and attitudes for a mother to hear. I have noticed he is not slow at all, he is HYPERACTIVE! Similar to many of the children New Beginnings has worked with, he has had ZERO attention span. In after school classes he sits in a desk directly within hand reach to keep him on task. Lots of positive affirmation, prayer, and declarations of the Word are making a difference. “O” is just one example of the vision for these classes. We are believing for many more children to not only learn to read, but to discover they can do all things through Christ!


I read a quote by William Wallace recently that resonated in my spirit; “ But did the clouds rain fire, and the earth open beneath me, I would not stir; for I know who planted me here, and as long as He wills me to stand, neither men nor devils can move me hence.” You see, there is a place in this life that God has ordained for us for His purposes and plans to be fulfilled. I not only want to be a righteous person, but I want to be that person in the right place. In Mark 12:34 Jesus was listening to a scribe respond to His words and told the scribe, “You are not far from the Kingdom of God”. However, almost there is still not there. When God came into the garden to meet with Adam after he and Eve had sinned, He called, “Adam, Adam, where are you?” Adam was still in the garden, but he was in the wrong location. He was not where God had placed him and expected him to be. I see this in our church sometimes - people who come late and sit in the back of the church, or worse yet, remain outside the doors. When the children leave for Sunday school, they are requested by pastor to move to the front and fill in the empty seats. Some do not make eye contact with pastor and remain rooted in their backseat chairs. They are “not far”, still in the church, but they are not rightly located. Determine in your hearts to discover your place in the Kingdom of God; Re-position yourself, if necessary, and then resolve to not be moved from that place. One translation of John 15:8 says,

“if you select your own spot to be planted, you will prove yourself to be an unproductive, empty pod… however, if you allow God to plant you, you will “bear much fruit”. Be rightly located in the Kingdom and be a productive fruit-bearer!!


New Beginnings is excited to announce a new outreach this summer. In addition to the July summer school program, we will also be hosting a first grade readiness course the middle two weeks of August. The basic school graduates, approximately 20-25 five and six year olds, take their assessments for first grade the final week of August. Many of these children are either unprepared for, or in need of refreshing of, beginning first grade standards. Both principals of the two schools we sponsor, as well as the first grade teacher and guidance counselor of the local primary school, are very supportive of this idea. Please pray for us as we plan and seek volunteers and resources for this special time with the little ones.


Romando Cassells is entering May 5 into his SENIOR year at Alpha Omega Academy. He has only 3 ½ more credits for graduation – that long awaited and diligently sought after high school diploma. We are so proud of him. His goal following graduation is to attend Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster, Pa. to gain an associate’s degree in Criminal

Justice. This is an exciting season of achievement and preparation. Please pray for him, that the favour of God goes before him as he walks out the plan.


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Respect & Love to you,

Bob, Mary, Staff & Students