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2nd Quarter 2015 UPDATES



Forgive us. Our newsletter is a month late in getting out. We are fine. You will see that as you read on. In the meantime, know that God loves you, and we appreciate your faithful prayers and support.


My favorite movie of all time was Mr. Holland’s Opus, starring Richard Dreyfus. It was a tribute to a music teacher who had a dream of composing a great opus. His conflicted life took twists and turns that prevented that accomplishment and threatened to destroy his family, but, in the end, he had made choices with integrity and love. His wife and hearing impaired son, along with all the children in whom he had invested so much, came back to honor him at retirement. One of his biggest challenges growing up was now the governor of the state. His “opus” turned out to be the beauty of the lives he touched. I remember seeing the film with my father and mother and the tears started flowing at the emotional finale. In fact, I was still sobbing in the backseat of the car on the way home. Yes, it had that great an impact on me. Years later, as I reflect back, I understand why. First of all, it was a reflection of my own father, also an educator. He, too, sacrificially and lovingly made tremendous impacts on his students’ lives. The movie also touched a calling God had placed deep within me from before the foundations of the earth. Many times over the past 27 years in ministering to the Jamaican children, the Holy Spirit has reminded me that He was writing a glorious “opus” with the seeds being planted in their lives. So my declaration over every child that passes through New Beginnings is that they would have a spirit of wisdom and revelation (of insight into mysteries and secrets) in the deep and intimate knowledge of God… that their eyes would be flooded with light, so that they can know and understand the hope to which He has called them, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints. (Ephesians 1:17- 18) What a privilege to invest into the next generation and be a part of imparting the truth of God’s Word, instilling hope and a purpose-filled future into their young hearts. Hallelujah! By faith, I can hear the strains of a heavenly inspired, abundant life “opus”.


We feel so blessed! Thank all of you who have prayed and donated to this much needed vehicle. It is making life much easier. We have already made two trips to


Sunday mornings we are also able to carry other people with us to church and now, on Friday evenings, we can transport local teens to “Rock Teens,” our church’s youth fellowship. Summer school will soon be here, and all the teachers will be much more comfortable riding to the school compound. We had to get a loan for the balance owed, so please pray about helping us pay that off quickly.


This past Tuesday was Reading Appreciation Day in the Jamaican schools. On Wednesday, official Teacher’s Day, Miss Mary was so excited to receive two separate calls/messages from grateful mothers. Tariq Parkin and Desron Campbell, both students in the Saturday reading class, were honoured the day before as Most Improved Reader and Best Reader in the 4th grade class, respectively. Not only have these boys been helped in their reading skills, but both have demonstrated a love for Jesus and a declaration of their desires to become pastors. New

Beginnings’ School motto: Training

Leaders of Excellence and Integrity being lived out in their young lives!


Romando is proudly wearing the title of the first New Beginnings Trainee to earn a fully accredited high school diploma through Alpha Omega Academy. He has worked very hard to achieve this goal, and is now re-focused on the new season in his life coming up. His goal is to attend Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster, Pa. for the fall term beginning in August. He will share an apartment with Brice, our son, while majoring in Criminal Justice. The only thing that stands in his way is the school’s requirement that the first year’s total expenses are proven at the time of application. The school requires a demonstration of $24,000 in the bank or in affidavits of support in order to issue the document that would allow for a U.S. student visa. He has $4200 in his educational fund. Will you please be a part of

God’s miracle of provision and contribute to his fund?

Together we can make what may seem impossible become a reality.


You can help us with a donation, either at our web site or by mailing your donation to our stateside address.


PO Box 9176

Newark, DE 19714

Either way you will get a tax-deductible receipt.

If in Jamaica, just give us a call for pick up, 876-361-3822 or 876-875-4381

Respect & Love to you,

Bob, Mary, Staff & Students