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3rd Quarter 2014 UPDATES



You are blessed of the Lord.

Rejoice, each and every moment. God is looking after you. He knows your every need and is willing and able to provide for you.

Are you a volunteer? Did you know that it is scriptural to volunteer?

1 Chron 28:21 - The various divisions of priests and Levites will serve in the Temple of God. Others with skills of every kind will volunteer, and the officials and the entire nation are at your command." NLT

NKJV says “every willing craftsman”

God loves to reward the giver, the volunteer. At New Beginnings, if you came to help in summer school, your reward could be joy - joy that you helped a slow learning child sound out a word, and there-by think better of him/herself.

I love to search scripture through word studies. When I started to study the word volunteer, I was surprised to discover that crops volunteer.

Ex 23:11 but let the land rest and lie fallow during the seventh year, and let the poor among the people harvest any volunteer crop that may come up; TLB

Why don’t you volunteer now for next year’s summer school? Summer school 2015 runs from July 13 through the 31st.

We, and the summer school students, need your help


I am very happy to give a successful report on Summer School 2014. It is always so faith building to watch God pull together the overall team for ministry over the three week time. It usually is an eclectic bunch, crossing denominational and doctrinal differences, to bring the love of Jesus to the 55 children attending daily. The first week New Beginnings welcomed back three returning teachers; Kevin Henderson of Atlanta, Ga, Sharon Gerst Pratt from Ohio, and Alisia Kilgus from Indiana. Sharon brought her sister, Ruth Gerst, from Iowa. The teaching team was rounded off with Brooke Peabody, a Rhema Bible School grad and current Oral Roberts University student. The second week hailed Rev. Karen King and Jasmin Rau from LaSalle, Illinois and Karla Moore from Oklahoma City. Because of a teacher shortage the third week, both Romando Cassells and Miss Mary stepped in to help fill the gap.

It was very encouraging this year to have 10 local teenagers volunteer faithfully for the three weeks as teachers’ aides. Their efforts were invaluable as they served in a variety of anchor posts; tuck (snack) shop, library, kitchen, bathroom duties, and classroom. We also thank Mrs. Latoya Campbell, the mother of Desron Campbell (outstanding student trophy winner) for her volunteer efforts, as well as Mr. Fabion Campbell and Mrs. Sandra Colquhoun.

In line with the theme, With God, It’s a Green light, five classes were formed according to shared academic levels – Starters, Thumbs Up, Go-getters, Fast Forwards, and the Overtakers. Every morning the children learned to replace a “stop sign” of negative thinking with a “green light” of God’s Word.

Congratulations go to Callisa Guthrie, 10, for receiving the Greenlight Trophy Award and memorizing all 12 green light promises.

On the final day we formed a giant circle of chairs and asked the children to stand and share their favorite part of summer school. Listening to their responses made us realize each child takes away something different –

“sports, arts and crafts, math, flutes, dance, library, food (that brought a chuckle),” – but the one answer that expressed New Beginnings’ vision was given by Aanya, the little third grader who timidly came for pre- assessments, and, after demonstrating a complete inability to read, asked me directly, “Am I in the dunce class?” I will never forget her hopeless expression that day on our veranda. Yet, I also will never forget her standing in that circle the last day. With bright eyes and a big smile, she said the best part of summer school for her was reading!!! Was she suddenly, after three weeks, able to read? No, but she was given hope….hope that, with God, all things are possible! We will continue through the year working with Aanya, and many others like her, in the after school reading program.


I saw a quote recently that has stirred my thoughts: “Where some see only scars, others see perseverance and the journey of kings.” When Thomas, in John 20:25, said “Unless I see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” What was he saying? Jesus’ scars were His proof of victory. The enemy had tried to take him out and failed. Jesus had persevered on His journey of becoming King of Kings and prevailed! He was alive! So it is with us… we are all wounded at times through life in many ways, but how do you view those scars? As something to feel ashamed of, resentful toward, handicapped by? Be proud of your scars…. You have persevered and survived! Those scars are proof of victory, mighty warrior!!


You can help us with a donation, either at our web site or by mailing your donation to our stateside address above. Either way you will get a tax- deductible receipt. If in Jamaica, just give us a call for pick up, 876-361-3822 or 876-875-4381

Respect & Love to you,

Bob, Mary, Staff & Students